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Success… er, mostly.

Posted by tracirocks on February 25, 2009

It was a rip-roaring trivia night at the Black Rose pub with Gang Green clawing its way back after a couple of middle brutal rounds to nail down a third-place victory!


A noisy room and a lot of time between rounds did nothing to aid our intrepid band of 7 and tempers ran a little hot at times. Hey, we’re a competitive bunch and there’s alcohol being swilled. No punches were thrown but we did exceed our previous highs in both “I told you I was right” glares and “talk to the hand” gestures.


Everyone had fun and we’re all still friends as well as being continually bonded in our loathing for the teams that beat us.


The players:


Erin “Why are there no Lincoln questions?” Ewart

Traci “Helen Hunt is over-rated” Bocci

Darin “Well maybe I didn’t want to write anything down anyway” Chong

Hamidah “What? No, seriously… what?” Salzmann

Michael “Can I get that deep fried?” Myers

Nora “I now have a much different impression of you people” Guy

Jon “I’m pretty sure that was my beer” Lehre



Thanks for supporting Gang Green!

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Gang Green is Supreme (well, mostly)

Posted by tracirocks on February 11, 2009

Just to keep you all in the loop for the Pub Quiz Trivia Night exploits of your team: Gang Green


Once again, the team survived many pints and emerged (mostly) victorious with another 2nd place finish. It was rough. It was hard-fought. It was amazing how many people know even less than we do.


But any second is a good second!


Of special note, The Core Four* were joined by newcomers Hamidah Salzmann and Michael Myers who immediately proved invaluable in perhaps the toughest night of the recent three Quiz Nights we’ve attended!


So, for those of you keeping track (and possible playing Fantasy Pub Quiz Trivia at home) our record so far:

·         1/13—Third (entry money back!)

·         1/27—Second (voucher for free pint!)

·         2/10—Second (voucher for free pint!)


Thanks for your support!



*The Core Four:

Erin “The Rock” Ewart

Traci “The Rockstar” Bocci

Darin “Rocketman” Chong

Jon “Rocky Road” Lehre

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