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Trivia Gone Wild

Posted by tracirocks on March 26, 2009

Greetings all you trivia-groupies!

No doubt you have been awaiting with much anticipation the results of the latest pub quiz trivia night. Well your team, Gang Green, did not disappoint! Now a typical trivia night has maybe 8 teams. Last night there were 402! well… would you believe 53? Okay okay, but there were 16 teams – double the usual amount. And Gang Green clawed our way to THIRD place! Not bad since there were only the “Core Four” in place this week.

That means that every time we’ve gone, Gang Green has come in either 2nd or 3rd! (We don’t count the horrific pre-St. Patrick’s Day-Irish-themed event as we are not completely convinced it actually occurred and may in fact have been a ghastly vision brought on by a few too many Guinness’s. Either way, it’s best to move on.)

We’ll be doing it all again in a couple weeks! Remember… goooooooo Green!

Team Gang Green 03-24-09

Erin “Little Mermaid” Ewart

Traci “Capital City” Bocci

Darin “Bobby Darin” Chong

Jon “Mr. Badger” Lehre

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How the mighty have fallen…

Posted by tracirocks on March 11, 2009

For those keeping track, Gang Green, over the last couple months had placed 3rd, 2nd, 2nd and 3rd in the pub night trivia contest – a consistent winning record to be envied by almost anyone.


Until last night.


Unprepared for the week early St Patrick’s “Everything Irish” theme, your team fell face first into the theoretical mud of ignorance. If lack of knowledge was ice cream, we dished up a double-decker hot fudge sundae of stupidity complete with the nuts of witlessness, the whipped cream of idiocy and topped by the cherry of ineptitude.


Mayhap our egos shall recover enough in two weeks to show our faces and attempt it again. If not, I have paper bags with which to encase our heads available.


Better luck next time, gang!!



Team Gang Green 03-10-09:


Erin “Why were there no Liam Neeson questions?” Ewart

Darin “If it was a Chinese New Year theme, we would have kicked butt” Chong

Traci “THOSE are the Pogues?” Bocci

Nora “Isn’t Eagle Eye Cherry Irish?” Guy

Jen “Hamidah said this would be fun” McAllister

Al “Usually you know some of the answers, right?” McAllister

Jon “My Irish ancestry is not detail-oriented” Lehre


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