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Do I Hear a Second? Yes.. Yes I Do!

Posted by tracirocks on April 15, 2009

Hello everyone!

In yet another come from behind near-victory, your Gang Green Team of trivia pseudo-experts squeaked into 2nd place (again!) with a solid final round last night at pub quiz trivia. Although there was a new, first-time quizmaster, we buckled down and drank heavily enough to often follow his rapid phrasing. Fortunately, the rest of the pub-goers were even more confused by his occasionally Byzantine sentence structure, so we were able to marshal our efforts for a solid second place.

Now begins our “uncertainty” period, where we waffle and dither over which nights to play for the rest of April and May. Most likely there will be a May 5th pub trivia night but all else is catawampus while I rudely miss the next two weeks because of Hawaii issues and Traci thoughtlessly goes to Europe in May. More updates from interested parties as we go forth!

Thank you for supporting YOUR trivia team near-supreme: Gang Green!

Team Gang Green for 04/14/09:

Erin “all my drinks sound elvish” Ewart
Traci “Tallulah freaking Bankhead?” Bocci
Darin “Jacque Cousteau lookalike” Chong
Nora “computerese spoken here” Guy
Jon “inappropriate comments a specialty” Lehre

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No Nimbus Required

Posted by tracirocks on April 13, 2009

Hello triviaphiles!

Sorry for not updating you sooner on the thrills and chills of the most recent exploits of YOUR trivia team, Gang Green.

Tuesday the 7th saw Gang Green bring forth knowledge we didn’t even know we had in order to defeat all but one of the other teams, garnering a second place finish yet again. Some would say we’re always the bridesmaid and never the bride, but to those people we say pptttthhhhhh. We actually led after the first two rounds but saw our lead eroded and then trampled but we fought back with insightful answers and lucky guesses to capture the 2nd place flag.

We’re going again on 4/14 (because our ‘winning’ vouchers expire that day). If we get more than 6 players, we forfeit a point so if you’re number 7, you have to make that point up or buy everyone a round. Either way.

Thanks for supporting our passion for useless information!

Your Gang Green Team of 4/7/09:

Erin “Quidditch is SO a sport” Ewart
Traci “Jewel is Allison Krause’s evil vocal twin” Bocci
Darin “I got your M slope right here” Chong
Jon “Stretched out Slinkies are longer than you think” Lehre

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