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From the heights… to the depths…

Posted by tracirocks on May 20, 2009

Newton’s Third Law of Motion states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Maybe that helps explain how Gang Green went from first place at our previous Trivia Nite to a lowly 5th out of 8 teams last night. Oh how the mighty did fall. In fact the mighty pretty much belly-flopped into the trivia pool. With bad second-guessing and worse first-guessing, we wobbled through round after round like a drunken Weeble. We drowned our sorrows in delicious libations, which really didn’t help matters, to be honest. Without Traci Bocci to keep us a bit more focused, some of the more unlikely suggestion actually made their way onto the answer sheet. So chalk this one up to an unfortunate case of post-win letdown and let’s just move on, people!

Team Gang Green 5/19/09:

Darin “I Blame Myself” Chong
Erin “Please Rephrase the Question” Ewart
Nora “Just Happy to be Out” Guy
Jen “RCU Approved!” McAllister
Al “I Think I Said That” Duncan
Jon “I Be Stymied” Lehre

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Victory, At Last!

Posted by tracirocks on May 6, 2009

When May 5th is remembered, no doubt it will be for the daring exploits of a small but plucky band of individuals, struggling mightily against an impressive array of imposing forces. I am, of course, referring to Gang Green’s VICTORY at Trivia Nite!

Let the bells ring out that Gang Green did rise up and finally get the “also-ran” monkey off our backs on Tuesday night, coming in FIRST in a field of 8 teams. Each person contributed immensely, and the near total lack of geography and food questions didn’t hurt. We won a pot of about $60 but the real treasure is coming out on top for the first time since this latest round of trivia nites started. The money doesn’t suck, though.

Will the group be able to match this success again? Will there be another victory in the future? Will the pressure of coming out on top create a group of prima donnas who insist on being called “Trivia Winner” everywhere they go? Who cares?! We finally won! Woohooo!!

Your Gang Green Team for 5/5/09

Erin “Lego Picnic Reenactment Specialist” Ewart
Traci “Rapidly Losing Brain Cells While I’m On Vacation” Bocci
Nora “Badass Music Knowledge” Guy
Jen “Can You Break a 50?” McAllister
Al “The Canada Tunnel King” Duncan
Jon “Wodens-day” Lehre

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