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Trivial Update

Posted by tracirocks on June 10, 2009

Hello everyone! Another night of trivia, another round… or two… or three… of drinks, another 2nd place finish for YOUR trivia team, Gang Green!  The key word Tuesday night was definitely “solid” as we grabbed onto 2nd place by the 2nd round and never gave it up again. With consistent jabs of knowledge and nicely placed uppercut guessing, Gang Green managed to knock out most of the competition until our boxing analogy failed us and had to find a new one but we just didn’t have enough gas to speed past the evil team Johnny Ringo, the first place finishers. We’ll give it another shot in a couple of weeks to see if we can once again scale the heights to first place!

Team Gang Green 6-9-09:
Darin “Why do I even know NASCAR drivers?” Chong
Erin “I can name that song in TWO notes!” Ewart
Traci “Oh I KNOW Dylan Thomas” Bocci
Jen “Well have YOU seen a Road Runner?” McAllister
Al “The music round is NOT karaoke” Duncan
Jon “Um, why is the quiz master staring at me like that?” Lehre

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Trivial Matters

Posted by tracirocks on June 3, 2009

“And like a rubber ball, I come bouncin’ back to you…Rubber ball, I come bouncin’ back to you…Ah-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh…(Bouncy, bouncy) (bouncy, bouncy)… eee-eee-eee.”

Yes, in the immortal words of Bobby Vee, Gang Green was like a rubber ball at Tuesday Trivia Nite as we bounced back from our not-so-good finish two weeks ago to an oh-so-good second place finish – and only 1/2 a point out of first! If it wasn’t for the horrendous matching round of matching the tv-offered drugs with the tv-implied symptoms, where we got exactly two right (some trivia favors the infirm, evidently) we might have been able to notch another first. But our heads were held up proudly, as were our drinks, as the rest of the teeming hordes were left in the dust by our reduced but mighty trivia squad.

Next week, the fun begins again as we adjust to a new every-other-week pattern and welcome back Traci Bocci, recently returned from her extensive tour of Europe.

Team Gang Green 6/2/09

Darin Chongital – for sufferers of severe ennui (caution: may cause sarcasm
Erin Ewartria – for vampire-related high cholesterol (caution: may cause obscure political awareness)
Hamidah Salzmannex – for dangerously low levels of couture awareness (caution: may cause shoe shopping)
Jon Lehreokia – for those afflicted with extreme maturity (caution: may cause hangovers)

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