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3… is a magic number…

Posted by tracirocks on July 23, 2009

Hello one and all!

After a disappointing finish last week, Gang Green roared back and locked down a coveted 3rd Place win on Tuesday night! Credit goes to Michael “Truckin’ ” Myers for keeping us alive during the matching round (match the interstate number with the city-to-city route? jiminy christmas!) and an awesome group effort during the music round where we only missed one – but as it was Miley Cyrus, is that really something to be ashamed of? Normally the most mellow of teams, Gang Green got feisty this week as Erin “Oh I will say something” Ewart gently challenged trivia master Michael on one question — she was this close to getting her point across, but no doubt the calls of support from her enthusiastic (and libation-enhanced) teammates did nothing to help her cause. Sorry about that, Erin!

Look for another thrilling installment of the Gang Green Blog in two weeks, hopefully we’ll start August off with a bang!
Team Gang Green for 7/21/09

Traci “TB knows TJ” Bocci
Erin “You can only fold it in half once… once!” Ewart
Darin “I fish with MY trent stick all the time” Chong
Hamidah “For accuracy, it’s Ham!dah” Salzmann
Michael “Breaker One-Nine, this here’s the Rubber Duck” Myers
Jon “Supporting white blues artists” Lehre

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The Agony of Defeat

Posted by tracirocks on July 16, 2009

Well, what can be said about Gang Green’s trivia nite experience on 7/14? Did it have any All-Star Game questions? No. Was it full of Bastille Day references? Non. Were there a lot of questions that befuddled us and left us scratching our heads? Oh lord yes. We’ve fared worse, but a 4th place finish is nothing to glory in. True, we got 12 out of 12 on the matching round (woohoo!) but it only illustrates how badly we did in the other rounds. Shake it off Gang Green! We’ll get ’em next time!

Team Gang Green 7-14-09

Erin “Thank you, Peter Sagal ” Ewart
Traci “Hall of the Sock Puppet Mountain King” Bocci
Darin “I got your flying fortress right here” Chong
Hamidah “Shush? No YOU shush!” Salzmann
Nora “Pre-trivia screwdrivers help me focus” Guy
Jon “There’s no Ho in Hoboken” Lehre

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The Comeback Kids

Posted by tracirocks on July 1, 2009

I’m no Jon Lehre, but since he’d prefer to go to Eel River than to provide you good folks with the much-anticipated Pub Quiz Update, I have no choice but to do it myself this week, since it’s a tale that needs to be told…

The Core Four was joined by special guests Jen & Brandon Chong (respectively, wife and brother of the infamous D. Chong) for what turned out to be one of the busier quiz nights in recent weeks, with 12 teams competing! After several heinous rounds of scoring in the bottom 6, your Gang Green team — fueled by yeasty Anglican beverages — managed to kick it up a notch and snag a 2nd place victory once again, bested only by the formidable SMOLT! (And leaving frequent victors Johnny Ringo in the dust). Yay, us!

Your June 29, 2009 Gang Green Team:

Jon “Younger Than Methuselah” Lehre

Erin “Hobbes is Not a Stuffed Tiger” Ewart

Traci “Uriah Heep and Jethro Tull Are Not Related” Bocci

Darin “I Got Your Jockey Right Here” Chong

Jen “What Happens in Dirty Vegas…” Chong

Brandon “Florida Trivia is a Lot Easier” Chong

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If you missed last week’s update…

Posted by tracirocks on July 1, 2009

That’s because we’re posting it a week late!

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… okay, maybe not the worst but it WAS a tad disheartening.

On Tuesday, June 23, your team Gang Green came in FIRST at pub trivia nite! For about 8 seconds. Then we had to point out that we had 8 people on our team, and after the 2 point forfeit (1 point off for every team member that put us over 6 people), we were in second place (again)! SO CLOSE! (Half a point close, to be specific.) To make things even worse, we lost to the dreaded Johnny Ringo. Horrors!

At least we got a nice round of applause for volunteering the point deduction information ourselves. There’s something to be said for ethics!

It’s just a reminder that if we’re going to bring more people, we need to step up our game!

Gang Green on 6/23/09

Darin “Even when we’re smart, we’re funny” Chong

Traci “My favorite farmer, Jethro Tull!” Bocci

Erin “Finally a dead presidents question” Ewart

Hamidah “Hey, Tom from MySpace is on MY friend list” Salzmann

Nora “A chandler makes chandles.. er.. candles! ” Guy
Jen “Can’t I just sit next to the team? “McAllister

Al “You can call me Al” Duncan

Jon “I swear that guy looked like Worf” Lehre

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