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Return of the Blog!

Posted by tracirocks on November 25, 2009

It’s been a long time between blogs but we’ve been diligently putting in our trivia time – with disappointing results. It’s been a time of drought for the Gang of Green with nary a top 3 finish in a couple months. Fourth place appears to be our friend with a fifth place acquaintance having an all too constant presence. Despite a brief 2nd place finish by 2 Members of GG (Traci & Jon) with help from Jon’s sister Jennifer (playing as Zoinks!!) on 11/17, the entire team, playing  as Gobble Gobble Hey (in a T-Giving nod to the Ramones), fell again to fourth place on 11/24, despite breaking the vaunted 60 point mark. A crushing blow to the egos of all involved, made better only by continuous refills of beer or cider. As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, we say our thanks for the improved music rounds (the quizmaster using an iPod instead of skippy CDs or warbly cassettes? What a concept!) and for just having each other to laugh, joke, commiserate and utter petty disparaging remarks to the teams who defeat us. Sore losers? Maybe… but amusing!

But let’s look forward! Here’s to starting off December with a win! We’ve got two weeks to forget to prepare! Go Gang Green!

Gang Green 11/24/09

Traci “Would you like a chutney Squishee?” Bocci
Erin “Cloture… yes, cloture!” Ewart
Darin “x2 x z2 = y… wow that looks smart” Chong
Jon “I’m the go to Bible guy? oh that’s so wrong” Lehre
Nora “Death Cab for Cutie meets Miley Cyrus” Guy
Kate “I can name that Christopher Cross song in 3 notes” Kelly

One Response to “Return of the Blog!”

  1. Jon said

    Hey, it only took us 4+ months to get another blog post up! Yay?

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