Gang Green of the Pub Quiz

You’ll have to cut us off to get rid of us!

Will you still need me when I’m 64 (points and tied for 2nd place)?

Posted by tracirocks on January 20, 2010

The Gang Green crew was in fine form on Tuesday, matching wits with the best of them, even taking a 2 point lead into the last round. But like a Klingon in a tutu, it just wasn’t meant to be. The 7th round and two tiebreakers later, Gang Green found itself at the trivia night version of the kids table at Thanksgiving – third place. After two consecutive first place finishes, Gang Green dropped too many close ones and second-guessed ourselves out of the winning circle, losing to Johnny Ringo and some other group whose name, frankly, we didn’t catch. Still, we did get our money back and could still boast of functioning rather well in the face of long odds and inebriation. So it’s back to scouring the recesses of our mind (and E Online) as we prepare for the February 2nd trivia contest with a new fire in our belly to win win win! Go Gang Green!

Gang Green 1-19-10

Traci “I am your density” Bocci
Darin “Square root of Sade” Chong
Erin “Half Blood Princess” Ewart
Al “Turn off your cell phone!” Duncan
Jen “That should be a tech stock” McAllister
Jon “I need a nibble” Lehre

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