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6 More Weeks of Winner…

Posted by tracirocks on February 3, 2010

It was a full house at ye olde Black Rose, and Gang Groundhog felt a bit hobbled with one of our key players MIA. Still, the 5 members pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps and forged ahead. Although we fell short in guessing the size of Obama’s… budget, and preferred to call our noble gases inert, we managed to match 10 out of 12 universities with their college towns (‘cause, y’know, we KNOW how to party!). Still, as is our consistent M.O., we hovered just under the radar until the music round (a rare 15-song “speed round”), and came back in the final two to nab a lucrative 1st place finish.

And we didn’t even need the tiebreaker this week (although we knew the answer, of course, was General Larry Platt)!

Your Gang Groundhog Team 02/02/10:

Erin “These Boots are Made for Trivia” Ewart
Jen “Y’all are from Mars, I’m from Venus” McAllister
Al “Green Mountain Boy” Duncan
Darin “I’ll take that as a complement!” Chong
Traci “Keep your hands to yourself” Bocci

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