Gang Green of the Pub Quiz

You’ll have to cut us off to get rid of us!

The Return of Gang Green

Posted by tracirocks on June 30, 2010

Okay, so, the Gang itself hasn’t been away. True, our former home of trivia abandoned us in the déclassé way of closing down. Now we’re trekking out to Friar Tuck’s in Cotati. It’s not as cozy but the fish tacos are to die. And let’s face it: Guinness is Guinness everywhere (thank the Creator). Tuesday night rather, marked the return of favored scribe, Jon (hey, that’s me) back to the ranks! And what a night it was! The round itself was fairly normal with some pretty easy matching (movie quotes? Oh please.) and some extremely obscure trivia (the first name of the Geico gecko? Really?) All night we were just behind the lead team until at the very end we did just well enough to… well… stay behind and come in second. Ah well. Second place is pretty darned sweet! So, we head into Independence Day weekend with a warm glow in our hearts and a contented smile on our faces. Happy 4th of July everyone!

Gang Green 6/29/2010

Traci “Nobody puts Bocci in a corner” Bocci
Jen “B1? I am one!” McAllister
Hamidah “Cologne by chlorine” Salzmann
Erin “Civil War groupie” Ewart
Al “Obscure Naval Trivia A Specialty” Duncan
Jon “Drunk on 7-Up” Lehre

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