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Three’s Company

Posted by tracirocks on July 21, 2010

 Though not our usual “week on” for trivia, Gang Green assembled a skeleton crew of three and played under the epithet Conspiracy Theory. The current events round went well, but from there through the picture round, we were wedged in a solid 4th place. Civil war questions (where’s Erin?), paint questions (well, turpentine questions, really — where’s Jon?), purple drank questions (well, I got that one, thanks to D. Chong in absentia). But then came the music round. What can you say about a music round that includes Rock Candy (my former band name), Chuck Mangione, The Hustle, and Flight of the Conchords? You can say, “it’s business time,” as our fearless team scored a solid 10 out of 10, squeaking into the lead by half a point, and leaving Johnny Ringo in the dust. The underdogs maintained that half-point lead to emerge victorious over the sinister Voldemort and new foes Post Script for an astounding come-from-behind win!

Your Gang Green team 7/20/10:

“Rockaday” Al Duncan
Jen “7 percent solution” McAllister
Traci “Feels So Good” Bocci

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Tiebreaker, Schmiebreaker

Posted by tracirocks on July 14, 2010

It was a jam-packed night of on-the-edge-of-your-seat trivia on Tuesday night. With the pub filled to bursting, the All-Star Game on the TV screens and ale flowing freely, Gang Green dominated the first 5 rounds only to unexpectedly falter in the music and final trivia rounds. Despite our blunders, we managed to pull out a tie for second place with Smolt. Despite going to a shoot-out, neither team could bring it home so we agreed to call it a night and share the honor of 2nd place. A decent finish but a disappointing end to a long night of fun, friends and frivolity. See you all in two weeks!!

 Gang Green for 7/13/10

Traci “Cider makes it all better” Bocci
Erin “All roads lead to Ashland” Ewart
Darin “Pub seating relocation expert” Chong
Al “Geography is where it’s at” Duncan
Jon “Permafrosty the Snowman” Lehre
Jen “Better Late than Never” McAllister

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The Loneliest Number

Posted by tracirocks on July 7, 2010

Alone. Abandoned. All by myself. With one teammate in AZ, and the rest otherwise occupied. Still, I decided to brave the forces of pub quiz gangless this week. Playing under the moniker Soylent Green, I sharpened my pencil and hoped for the best. The results were not pretty. While I managed to keep a steady point-flow in the general knowledge rounds, the brutal sports-themed matching round was my nemesis (zero points – a new record!), and the picture round didn’t help my cause, either. Despite all that (and thanks to a low turnout of competitors), I still managed to hold steady in 3rd place (out of 4 teams!) for the duration of the night and got my two dollars back.

 Your Soylent Green Team 07/06/10:

 Traci “It’s People!” Bocci

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