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You’ll have to cut us off to get rid of us!

Three’s Company

Posted by tracirocks on July 21, 2010

 Though not our usual “week on” for trivia, Gang Green assembled a skeleton crew of three and played under the epithet Conspiracy Theory. The current events round went well, but from there through the picture round, we were wedged in a solid 4th place. Civil war questions (where’s Erin?), paint questions (well, turpentine questions, really — where’s Jon?), purple drank questions (well, I got that one, thanks to D. Chong in absentia). But then came the music round. What can you say about a music round that includes Rock Candy (my former band name), Chuck Mangione, The Hustle, and Flight of the Conchords? You can say, “it’s business time,” as our fearless team scored a solid 10 out of 10, squeaking into the lead by half a point, and leaving Johnny Ringo in the dust. The underdogs maintained that half-point lead to emerge victorious over the sinister Voldemort and new foes Post Script for an astounding come-from-behind win!

Your Gang Green team 7/20/10:

“Rockaday” Al Duncan
Jen “7 percent solution” McAllister
Traci “Feels So Good” Bocci

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