Gang Green of the Pub Quiz

You’ll have to cut us off to get rid of us!

I wasn’t there, but here’s what I heard…

Posted by tracirocks on August 11, 2010

Triumphant! Magnificent! Inebriated! All those words apply to your team, Gang Green, as we won it all on Tuesday night, garnering about $100 in cold hard cash, baby! Despite a weak finish, the team managed to pull out a win with strong early rounds and a better than expected showing (when compared to everyone else) in the music round. Going 12 for 12 on matching and a solid picture round made the difference, even with a 1-point deduction for having 7 players. Tensions flared a little over ‘tectonics’ versus ‘seismology’ but what can you do? We got the point and, really, isn’t that all that matters? Since we WON, you betcha! Will Gang Green be able to defend its title in two weeks? Stay tuned to find out and thank YOU for your support!

 Gang Green team 8/10/10

Darin “Pocket Monster” Chong
Nora “Polydactyl” Guy
Erin “Of course I have a favorite Roman emperor” Ewart
Hamidah “Pancake with a gooey center” Salzmann
Al “Rudolph Hessky, Soviet Spy” Duncan
Jenn “Leader of cheers, jeers & beers” McAllister
Jon “Stuck on BandAid” Lehre

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