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I wasn’t there, but here’s what I heard…

Posted by tracirocks on August 11, 2010

Triumphant! Magnificent! Inebriated! All those words apply to your team, Gang Green, as we won it all on Tuesday night, garnering about $100 in cold hard cash, baby! Despite a weak finish, the team managed to pull out a win with strong early rounds and a better than expected showing (when compared to everyone else) in the music round. Going 12 for 12 on matching and a solid picture round made the difference, even with a 1-point deduction for having 7 players. Tensions flared a little over ‘tectonics’ versus ‘seismology’ but what can you do? We got the point and, really, isn’t that all that matters? Since we WON, you betcha! Will Gang Green be able to defend its title in two weeks? Stay tuned to find out and thank YOU for your support!

 Gang Green team 8/10/10

Darin “Pocket Monster” Chong
Nora “Polydactyl” Guy
Erin “Of course I have a favorite Roman emperor” Ewart
Hamidah “Pancake with a gooey center” Salzmann
Al “Rudolph Hessky, Soviet Spy” Duncan
Jenn “Leader of cheers, jeers & beers” McAllister
Jon “Stuck on BandAid” Lehre

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Three’s Company

Posted by tracirocks on July 21, 2010

 Though not our usual “week on” for trivia, Gang Green assembled a skeleton crew of three and played under the epithet Conspiracy Theory. The current events round went well, but from there through the picture round, we were wedged in a solid 4th place. Civil war questions (where’s Erin?), paint questions (well, turpentine questions, really — where’s Jon?), purple drank questions (well, I got that one, thanks to D. Chong in absentia). But then came the music round. What can you say about a music round that includes Rock Candy (my former band name), Chuck Mangione, The Hustle, and Flight of the Conchords? You can say, “it’s business time,” as our fearless team scored a solid 10 out of 10, squeaking into the lead by half a point, and leaving Johnny Ringo in the dust. The underdogs maintained that half-point lead to emerge victorious over the sinister Voldemort and new foes Post Script for an astounding come-from-behind win!

Your Gang Green team 7/20/10:

“Rockaday” Al Duncan
Jen “7 percent solution” McAllister
Traci “Feels So Good” Bocci

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6 More Weeks of Winner…

Posted by tracirocks on February 3, 2010

It was a full house at ye olde Black Rose, and Gang Groundhog felt a bit hobbled with one of our key players MIA. Still, the 5 members pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps and forged ahead. Although we fell short in guessing the size of Obama’s… budget, and preferred to call our noble gases inert, we managed to match 10 out of 12 universities with their college towns (‘cause, y’know, we KNOW how to party!). Still, as is our consistent M.O., we hovered just under the radar until the music round (a rare 15-song “speed round”), and came back in the final two to nab a lucrative 1st place finish.

And we didn’t even need the tiebreaker this week (although we knew the answer, of course, was General Larry Platt)!

Your Gang Groundhog Team 02/02/10:

Erin “These Boots are Made for Trivia” Ewart
Jen “Y’all are from Mars, I’m from Venus” McAllister
Al “Green Mountain Boy” Duncan
Darin “I’ll take that as a complement!” Chong
Traci “Keep your hands to yourself” Bocci

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Ring Out the Old, Ring In the New

Posted by tracirocks on January 6, 2010

Due to extenuating circumstances, this blog wrap-up will include results for the past two trivia sessions, featuring your Team Gang Green… playing under a couple of aliases. We’ll start with the most recent first.

1/5/10 Trivia Nite

 Happy New Year to our faithful blog readers (both of you!) and let the news ring out – Team Gang Green kicked off 2010 with a big bang and a win! Playing as “Eight is EnoughGang Green came from behind and surprised everyone (mostly themselves) by squeaking into first place by half a point, even after the 2 point deduction for having 2 players over the allowed 6.

Led by incredible knowledge from Traci and Al and excellent nodding and supportive comments from the rest of us, Gang Green did just well enough in everything to assure victory. Although we missed our favorite waitress/pub goddess Rhonda, the presence of ales and ciders heals all sorrows.
If you’re keeping track, here’s the stats for 2010: 1 trivia night = 1 win for Gang Green. We’re batting 1.000! Should we quit while we are ahead? NO! Mark the calendars for 1/19 and get ready for another Gang Green win! (okay, did I just jinx us? sorry.)

 Team Eight is Enough 1/5

Traci “I am positive I’m sure!” Bocci
Darin “It’s Canadian Football, eh?” Chong
Erin “Poetry minors unite” Ewart
Al “Brother Al” Duncan
Jen “Sister Jen” McAllister
Nora “Are there any geeks here who could answer that question?” Guy
Hamidah “I get my facts from clothing” Salzmann
Jon “I really thought he was dead” Lehre

 12/22/09 Trivia Nite

 ‘Twas a few days before Christmas and all through the pub
People were drinking and eating pub grub.
The trivia questions were really quite tough
But Team Gang Grinch was correct by enough!

After all of the answers had been finally scored, 
A  first place win was their holiday reward.
With whoops and with hollers they enjoyed their success,
And not surprisingly caused a big mess.

But the best part of all was the laughter and jokes,
And enjoying time spent with favorite folks.
So from Gang Green to you, we wish you much cheer
A great holiday season and a Happy New Year!

 Team Gang Grinch 12/22/09

Traci “you better watch out, you better not cry” Bocci
Darin ” and then all the reindeer loved him” Chong
Erin “visions of sugarplums” Ewart
Jen “Festivus for the rest of us” McAllister
Al “feats of strength” Duncan
Jon “on the naughty list” Lehre

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Victory, At Last!

Posted by tracirocks on May 6, 2009

When May 5th is remembered, no doubt it will be for the daring exploits of a small but plucky band of individuals, struggling mightily against an impressive array of imposing forces. I am, of course, referring to Gang Green’s VICTORY at Trivia Nite!

Let the bells ring out that Gang Green did rise up and finally get the “also-ran” monkey off our backs on Tuesday night, coming in FIRST in a field of 8 teams. Each person contributed immensely, and the near total lack of geography and food questions didn’t hurt. We won a pot of about $60 but the real treasure is coming out on top for the first time since this latest round of trivia nites started. The money doesn’t suck, though.

Will the group be able to match this success again? Will there be another victory in the future? Will the pressure of coming out on top create a group of prima donnas who insist on being called “Trivia Winner” everywhere they go? Who cares?! We finally won! Woohooo!!

Your Gang Green Team for 5/5/09

Erin “Lego Picnic Reenactment Specialist” Ewart
Traci “Rapidly Losing Brain Cells While I’m On Vacation” Bocci
Nora “Badass Music Knowledge” Guy
Jen “Can You Break a 50?” McAllister
Al “The Canada Tunnel King” Duncan
Jon “Wodens-day” Lehre

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