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Tiebreaker, Schmiebreaker

Posted by tracirocks on July 14, 2010

It was a jam-packed night of on-the-edge-of-your-seat trivia on Tuesday night. With the pub filled to bursting, the All-Star Game on the TV screens and ale flowing freely, Gang Green dominated the first 5 rounds only to unexpectedly falter in the music and final trivia rounds. Despite our blunders, we managed to pull out a tie for second place with Smolt. Despite going to a shoot-out, neither team could bring it home so we agreed to call it a night and share the honor of 2nd place. A decent finish but a disappointing end to a long night of fun, friends and frivolity. See you all in two weeks!!

 Gang Green for 7/13/10

Traci “Cider makes it all better” Bocci
Erin “All roads lead to Ashland” Ewart
Darin “Pub seating relocation expert” Chong
Al “Geography is where it’s at” Duncan
Jon “Permafrosty the Snowman” Lehre
Jen “Better Late than Never” McAllister

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The Loneliest Number

Posted by tracirocks on July 7, 2010

Alone. Abandoned. All by myself. With one teammate in AZ, and the rest otherwise occupied. Still, I decided to brave the forces of pub quiz gangless this week. Playing under the moniker Soylent Green, I sharpened my pencil and hoped for the best. The results were not pretty. While I managed to keep a steady point-flow in the general knowledge rounds, the brutal sports-themed matching round was my nemesis (zero points – a new record!), and the picture round didn’t help my cause, either. Despite all that (and thanks to a low turnout of competitors), I still managed to hold steady in 3rd place (out of 4 teams!) for the duration of the night and got my two dollars back.

 Your Soylent Green Team 07/06/10:

 Traci “It’s People!” Bocci

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Will you still need me when I’m 64 (points and tied for 2nd place)?

Posted by tracirocks on January 20, 2010

The Gang Green crew was in fine form on Tuesday, matching wits with the best of them, even taking a 2 point lead into the last round. But like a Klingon in a tutu, it just wasn’t meant to be. The 7th round and two tiebreakers later, Gang Green found itself at the trivia night version of the kids table at Thanksgiving – third place. After two consecutive first place finishes, Gang Green dropped too many close ones and second-guessed ourselves out of the winning circle, losing to Johnny Ringo and some other group whose name, frankly, we didn’t catch. Still, we did get our money back and could still boast of functioning rather well in the face of long odds and inebriation. So it’s back to scouring the recesses of our mind (and E Online) as we prepare for the February 2nd trivia contest with a new fire in our belly to win win win! Go Gang Green!

Gang Green 1-19-10

Traci “I am your density” Bocci
Darin “Square root of Sade” Chong
Erin “Half Blood Princess” Ewart
Al “Turn off your cell phone!” Duncan
Jen “That should be a tech stock” McAllister
Jon “I need a nibble” Lehre

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3… is a magic number…

Posted by tracirocks on July 23, 2009

Hello one and all!

After a disappointing finish last week, Gang Green roared back and locked down a coveted 3rd Place win on Tuesday night! Credit goes to Michael “Truckin’ ” Myers for keeping us alive during the matching round (match the interstate number with the city-to-city route? jiminy christmas!) and an awesome group effort during the music round where we only missed one – but as it was Miley Cyrus, is that really something to be ashamed of? Normally the most mellow of teams, Gang Green got feisty this week as Erin “Oh I will say something” Ewart gently challenged trivia master Michael on one question — she was this close to getting her point across, but no doubt the calls of support from her enthusiastic (and libation-enhanced) teammates did nothing to help her cause. Sorry about that, Erin!

Look for another thrilling installment of the Gang Green Blog in two weeks, hopefully we’ll start August off with a bang!
Team Gang Green for 7/21/09

Traci “TB knows TJ” Bocci
Erin “You can only fold it in half once… once!” Ewart
Darin “I fish with MY trent stick all the time” Chong
Hamidah “For accuracy, it’s Ham!dah” Salzmann
Michael “Breaker One-Nine, this here’s the Rubber Duck” Myers
Jon “Supporting white blues artists” Lehre

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Trivia Gone Wild

Posted by tracirocks on March 26, 2009

Greetings all you trivia-groupies!

No doubt you have been awaiting with much anticipation the results of the latest pub quiz trivia night. Well your team, Gang Green, did not disappoint! Now a typical trivia night has maybe 8 teams. Last night there were 402! well… would you believe 53? Okay okay, but there were 16 teams – double the usual amount. And Gang Green clawed our way to THIRD place! Not bad since there were only the “Core Four” in place this week.

That means that every time we’ve gone, Gang Green has come in either 2nd or 3rd! (We don’t count the horrific pre-St. Patrick’s Day-Irish-themed event as we are not completely convinced it actually occurred and may in fact have been a ghastly vision brought on by a few too many Guinness’s. Either way, it’s best to move on.)

We’ll be doing it all again in a couple weeks! Remember… goooooooo Green!

Team Gang Green 03-24-09

Erin “Little Mermaid” Ewart

Traci “Capital City” Bocci

Darin “Bobby Darin” Chong

Jon “Mr. Badger” Lehre

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Success… er, mostly.

Posted by tracirocks on February 25, 2009

It was a rip-roaring trivia night at the Black Rose pub with Gang Green clawing its way back after a couple of middle brutal rounds to nail down a third-place victory!


A noisy room and a lot of time between rounds did nothing to aid our intrepid band of 7 and tempers ran a little hot at times. Hey, we’re a competitive bunch and there’s alcohol being swilled. No punches were thrown but we did exceed our previous highs in both “I told you I was right” glares and “talk to the hand” gestures.


Everyone had fun and we’re all still friends as well as being continually bonded in our loathing for the teams that beat us.


The players:


Erin “Why are there no Lincoln questions?” Ewart

Traci “Helen Hunt is over-rated” Bocci

Darin “Well maybe I didn’t want to write anything down anyway” Chong

Hamidah “What? No, seriously… what?” Salzmann

Michael “Can I get that deep fried?” Myers

Nora “I now have a much different impression of you people” Guy

Jon “I’m pretty sure that was my beer” Lehre



Thanks for supporting Gang Green!

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