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Return of the Blog!

Posted by tracirocks on November 25, 2009

It’s been a long time between blogs but we’ve been diligently putting in our trivia time – with disappointing results. It’s been a time of drought for the Gang of Green with nary a top 3 finish in a couple months. Fourth place appears to be our friend with a fifth place acquaintance having an all too constant presence. Despite a brief 2nd place finish by 2 Members of GG (Traci & Jon) with help from Jon’s sister Jennifer (playing as Zoinks!!) on 11/17, the entire team, playing  as Gobble Gobble Hey (in a T-Giving nod to the Ramones), fell again to fourth place on 11/24, despite breaking the vaunted 60 point mark. A crushing blow to the egos of all involved, made better only by continuous refills of beer or cider. As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, we say our thanks for the improved music rounds (the quizmaster using an iPod instead of skippy CDs or warbly cassettes? What a concept!) and for just having each other to laugh, joke, commiserate and utter petty disparaging remarks to the teams who defeat us. Sore losers? Maybe… but amusing!

But let’s look forward! Here’s to starting off December with a win! We’ve got two weeks to forget to prepare! Go Gang Green!

Gang Green 11/24/09

Traci “Would you like a chutney Squishee?” Bocci
Erin “Cloture… yes, cloture!” Ewart
Darin “x2 x z2 = y… wow that looks smart” Chong
Jon “I’m the go to Bible guy? oh that’s so wrong” Lehre
Nora “Death Cab for Cutie meets Miley Cyrus” Guy
Kate “I can name that Christopher Cross song in 3 notes” Kelly

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The Agony of Defeat

Posted by tracirocks on July 16, 2009

Well, what can be said about Gang Green’s trivia nite experience on 7/14? Did it have any All-Star Game questions? No. Was it full of Bastille Day references? Non. Were there a lot of questions that befuddled us and left us scratching our heads? Oh lord yes. We’ve fared worse, but a 4th place finish is nothing to glory in. True, we got 12 out of 12 on the matching round (woohoo!) but it only illustrates how badly we did in the other rounds. Shake it off Gang Green! We’ll get ’em next time!

Team Gang Green 7-14-09

Erin “Thank you, Peter Sagal ” Ewart
Traci “Hall of the Sock Puppet Mountain King” Bocci
Darin “I got your flying fortress right here” Chong
Hamidah “Shush? No YOU shush!” Salzmann
Nora “Pre-trivia screwdrivers help me focus” Guy
Jon “There’s no Ho in Hoboken” Lehre

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From the heights… to the depths…

Posted by tracirocks on May 20, 2009

Newton’s Third Law of Motion states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Maybe that helps explain how Gang Green went from first place at our previous Trivia Nite to a lowly 5th out of 8 teams last night. Oh how the mighty did fall. In fact the mighty pretty much belly-flopped into the trivia pool. With bad second-guessing and worse first-guessing, we wobbled through round after round like a drunken Weeble. We drowned our sorrows in delicious libations, which really didn’t help matters, to be honest. Without Traci Bocci to keep us a bit more focused, some of the more unlikely suggestion actually made their way onto the answer sheet. So chalk this one up to an unfortunate case of post-win letdown and let’s just move on, people!

Team Gang Green 5/19/09:

Darin “I Blame Myself” Chong
Erin “Please Rephrase the Question” Ewart
Nora “Just Happy to be Out” Guy
Jen “RCU Approved!” McAllister
Al “I Think I Said That” Duncan
Jon “I Be Stymied” Lehre

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How the mighty have fallen…

Posted by tracirocks on March 11, 2009

For those keeping track, Gang Green, over the last couple months had placed 3rd, 2nd, 2nd and 3rd in the pub night trivia contest – a consistent winning record to be envied by almost anyone.


Until last night.


Unprepared for the week early St Patrick’s “Everything Irish” theme, your team fell face first into the theoretical mud of ignorance. If lack of knowledge was ice cream, we dished up a double-decker hot fudge sundae of stupidity complete with the nuts of witlessness, the whipped cream of idiocy and topped by the cherry of ineptitude.


Mayhap our egos shall recover enough in two weeks to show our faces and attempt it again. If not, I have paper bags with which to encase our heads available.


Better luck next time, gang!!



Team Gang Green 03-10-09:


Erin “Why were there no Liam Neeson questions?” Ewart

Darin “If it was a Chinese New Year theme, we would have kicked butt” Chong

Traci “THOSE are the Pogues?” Bocci

Nora “Isn’t Eagle Eye Cherry Irish?” Guy

Jen “Hamidah said this would be fun” McAllister

Al “Usually you know some of the answers, right?” McAllister

Jon “My Irish ancestry is not detail-oriented” Lehre


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