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The Agony of Defeat

Posted by tracirocks on July 16, 2009

Well, what can be said about Gang Green’s trivia nite experience on 7/14? Did it have any All-Star Game questions? No. Was it full of Bastille Day references? Non. Were there a lot of questions that befuddled us and left us scratching our heads? Oh lord yes. We’ve fared worse, but a 4th place finish is nothing to glory in. True, we got 12 out of 12 on the matching round (woohoo!) but it only illustrates how badly we did in the other rounds. Shake it off Gang Green! We’ll get ’em next time!

Team Gang Green 7-14-09

Erin “Thank you, Peter Sagal ” Ewart
Traci “Hall of the Sock Puppet Mountain King” Bocci
Darin “I got your flying fortress right here” Chong
Hamidah “Shush? No YOU shush!” Salzmann
Nora “Pre-trivia screwdrivers help me focus” Guy
Jon “There’s no Ho in Hoboken” Lehre

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The Comeback Kids

Posted by tracirocks on July 1, 2009

I’m no Jon Lehre, but since he’d prefer to go to Eel River than to provide you good folks with the much-anticipated Pub Quiz Update, I have no choice but to do it myself this week, since it’s a tale that needs to be told…

The Core Four was joined by special guests Jen & Brandon Chong (respectively, wife and brother of the infamous D. Chong) for what turned out to be one of the busier quiz nights in recent weeks, with 12 teams competing! After several heinous rounds of scoring in the bottom 6, your Gang Green team — fueled by yeasty Anglican beverages — managed to kick it up a notch and snag a 2nd place victory once again, bested only by the formidable SMOLT! (And leaving frequent victors Johnny Ringo in the dust). Yay, us!

Your June 29, 2009 Gang Green Team:

Jon “Younger Than Methuselah” Lehre

Erin “Hobbes is Not a Stuffed Tiger” Ewart

Traci “Uriah Heep and Jethro Tull Are Not Related” Bocci

Darin “I Got Your Jockey Right Here” Chong

Jen “What Happens in Dirty Vegas…” Chong

Brandon “Florida Trivia is a Lot Easier” Chong

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If you missed last week’s update…

Posted by tracirocks on July 1, 2009

That’s because we’re posting it a week late!

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… okay, maybe not the worst but it WAS a tad disheartening.

On Tuesday, June 23, your team Gang Green came in FIRST at pub trivia nite! For about 8 seconds. Then we had to point out that we had 8 people on our team, and after the 2 point forfeit (1 point off for every team member that put us over 6 people), we were in second place (again)! SO CLOSE! (Half a point close, to be specific.) To make things even worse, we lost to the dreaded Johnny Ringo. Horrors!

At least we got a nice round of applause for volunteering the point deduction information ourselves. There’s something to be said for ethics!

It’s just a reminder that if we’re going to bring more people, we need to step up our game!

Gang Green on 6/23/09

Darin “Even when we’re smart, we’re funny” Chong

Traci “My favorite farmer, Jethro Tull!” Bocci

Erin “Finally a dead presidents question” Ewart

Hamidah “Hey, Tom from MySpace is on MY friend list” Salzmann

Nora “A chandler makes chandles.. er.. candles! ” Guy
Jen “Can’t I just sit next to the team? “McAllister

Al “You can call me Al” Duncan

Jon “I swear that guy looked like Worf” Lehre

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Trivial Update

Posted by tracirocks on June 10, 2009

Hello everyone! Another night of trivia, another round… or two… or three… of drinks, another 2nd place finish for YOUR trivia team, Gang Green!  The key word Tuesday night was definitely “solid” as we grabbed onto 2nd place by the 2nd round and never gave it up again. With consistent jabs of knowledge and nicely placed uppercut guessing, Gang Green managed to knock out most of the competition until our boxing analogy failed us and had to find a new one but we just didn’t have enough gas to speed past the evil team Johnny Ringo, the first place finishers. We’ll give it another shot in a couple of weeks to see if we can once again scale the heights to first place!

Team Gang Green 6-9-09:
Darin “Why do I even know NASCAR drivers?” Chong
Erin “I can name that song in TWO notes!” Ewart
Traci “Oh I KNOW Dylan Thomas” Bocci
Jen “Well have YOU seen a Road Runner?” McAllister
Al “The music round is NOT karaoke” Duncan
Jon “Um, why is the quiz master staring at me like that?” Lehre

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Trivial Matters

Posted by tracirocks on June 3, 2009

“And like a rubber ball, I come bouncin’ back to you…Rubber ball, I come bouncin’ back to you…Ah-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh…(Bouncy, bouncy) (bouncy, bouncy)… eee-eee-eee.”

Yes, in the immortal words of Bobby Vee, Gang Green was like a rubber ball at Tuesday Trivia Nite as we bounced back from our not-so-good finish two weeks ago to an oh-so-good second place finish – and only 1/2 a point out of first! If it wasn’t for the horrendous matching round of matching the tv-offered drugs with the tv-implied symptoms, where we got exactly two right (some trivia favors the infirm, evidently) we might have been able to notch another first. But our heads were held up proudly, as were our drinks, as the rest of the teeming hordes were left in the dust by our reduced but mighty trivia squad.

Next week, the fun begins again as we adjust to a new every-other-week pattern and welcome back Traci Bocci, recently returned from her extensive tour of Europe.

Team Gang Green 6/2/09

Darin Chongital – for sufferers of severe ennui (caution: may cause sarcasm
Erin Ewartria – for vampire-related high cholesterol (caution: may cause obscure political awareness)
Hamidah Salzmannex – for dangerously low levels of couture awareness (caution: may cause shoe shopping)
Jon Lehreokia – for those afflicted with extreme maturity (caution: may cause hangovers)

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From the heights… to the depths…

Posted by tracirocks on May 20, 2009

Newton’s Third Law of Motion states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Maybe that helps explain how Gang Green went from first place at our previous Trivia Nite to a lowly 5th out of 8 teams last night. Oh how the mighty did fall. In fact the mighty pretty much belly-flopped into the trivia pool. With bad second-guessing and worse first-guessing, we wobbled through round after round like a drunken Weeble. We drowned our sorrows in delicious libations, which really didn’t help matters, to be honest. Without Traci Bocci to keep us a bit more focused, some of the more unlikely suggestion actually made their way onto the answer sheet. So chalk this one up to an unfortunate case of post-win letdown and let’s just move on, people!

Team Gang Green 5/19/09:

Darin “I Blame Myself” Chong
Erin “Please Rephrase the Question” Ewart
Nora “Just Happy to be Out” Guy
Jen “RCU Approved!” McAllister
Al “I Think I Said That” Duncan
Jon “I Be Stymied” Lehre

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Victory, At Last!

Posted by tracirocks on May 6, 2009

When May 5th is remembered, no doubt it will be for the daring exploits of a small but plucky band of individuals, struggling mightily against an impressive array of imposing forces. I am, of course, referring to Gang Green’s VICTORY at Trivia Nite!

Let the bells ring out that Gang Green did rise up and finally get the “also-ran” monkey off our backs on Tuesday night, coming in FIRST in a field of 8 teams. Each person contributed immensely, and the near total lack of geography and food questions didn’t hurt. We won a pot of about $60 but the real treasure is coming out on top for the first time since this latest round of trivia nites started. The money doesn’t suck, though.

Will the group be able to match this success again? Will there be another victory in the future? Will the pressure of coming out on top create a group of prima donnas who insist on being called “Trivia Winner” everywhere they go? Who cares?! We finally won! Woohooo!!

Your Gang Green Team for 5/5/09

Erin “Lego Picnic Reenactment Specialist” Ewart
Traci “Rapidly Losing Brain Cells While I’m On Vacation” Bocci
Nora “Badass Music Knowledge” Guy
Jen “Can You Break a 50?” McAllister
Al “The Canada Tunnel King” Duncan
Jon “Wodens-day” Lehre

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Do I Hear a Second? Yes.. Yes I Do!

Posted by tracirocks on April 15, 2009

Hello everyone!

In yet another come from behind near-victory, your Gang Green Team of trivia pseudo-experts squeaked into 2nd place (again!) with a solid final round last night at pub quiz trivia. Although there was a new, first-time quizmaster, we buckled down and drank heavily enough to often follow his rapid phrasing. Fortunately, the rest of the pub-goers were even more confused by his occasionally Byzantine sentence structure, so we were able to marshal our efforts for a solid second place.

Now begins our “uncertainty” period, where we waffle and dither over which nights to play for the rest of April and May. Most likely there will be a May 5th pub trivia night but all else is catawampus while I rudely miss the next two weeks because of Hawaii issues and Traci thoughtlessly goes to Europe in May. More updates from interested parties as we go forth!

Thank you for supporting YOUR trivia team near-supreme: Gang Green!

Team Gang Green for 04/14/09:

Erin “all my drinks sound elvish” Ewart
Traci “Tallulah freaking Bankhead?” Bocci
Darin “Jacque Cousteau lookalike” Chong
Nora “computerese spoken here” Guy
Jon “inappropriate comments a specialty” Lehre

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No Nimbus Required

Posted by tracirocks on April 13, 2009

Hello triviaphiles!

Sorry for not updating you sooner on the thrills and chills of the most recent exploits of YOUR trivia team, Gang Green.

Tuesday the 7th saw Gang Green bring forth knowledge we didn’t even know we had in order to defeat all but one of the other teams, garnering a second place finish yet again. Some would say we’re always the bridesmaid and never the bride, but to those people we say pptttthhhhhh. We actually led after the first two rounds but saw our lead eroded and then trampled but we fought back with insightful answers and lucky guesses to capture the 2nd place flag.

We’re going again on 4/14 (because our ‘winning’ vouchers expire that day). If we get more than 6 players, we forfeit a point so if you’re number 7, you have to make that point up or buy everyone a round. Either way.

Thanks for supporting our passion for useless information!

Your Gang Green Team of 4/7/09:

Erin “Quidditch is SO a sport” Ewart
Traci “Jewel is Allison Krause’s evil vocal twin” Bocci
Darin “I got your M slope right here” Chong
Jon “Stretched out Slinkies are longer than you think” Lehre

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Trivia Gone Wild

Posted by tracirocks on March 26, 2009

Greetings all you trivia-groupies!

No doubt you have been awaiting with much anticipation the results of the latest pub quiz trivia night. Well your team, Gang Green, did not disappoint! Now a typical trivia night has maybe 8 teams. Last night there were 402! well… would you believe 53? Okay okay, but there were 16 teams – double the usual amount. And Gang Green clawed our way to THIRD place! Not bad since there were only the “Core Four” in place this week.

That means that every time we’ve gone, Gang Green has come in either 2nd or 3rd! (We don’t count the horrific pre-St. Patrick’s Day-Irish-themed event as we are not completely convinced it actually occurred and may in fact have been a ghastly vision brought on by a few too many Guinness’s. Either way, it’s best to move on.)

We’ll be doing it all again in a couple weeks! Remember… goooooooo Green!

Team Gang Green 03-24-09

Erin “Little Mermaid” Ewart

Traci “Capital City” Bocci

Darin “Bobby Darin” Chong

Jon “Mr. Badger” Lehre

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