Gang Green of the Pub Quiz

You’ll have to cut us off to get rid of us!


. 11/24/2009 4th – Zilch The Core Four + Kate and Nora A raucous night with many rowdy teams in play (my favorite: Slapsgiving!). Traci: Trinidad, Jon: Hungarian Rhapsody (thanks, Daffy!), Erin: H1N1 virus (ick!), Kate: “Remember that night in the hot tub?!” Darin: …. um, Darin? Parabaloid, Milan, BOOB (if we were SMOLT, this would go on the “screwed” page!), and apparently none of us know the capital of Switzerland. A solid fourth. Woo hoo. (Yes, that’s sarcasm.)
. 7/21/2009 3rd – Entry Fees Back The Core Four + Hamidah & Michael Michael rocked a solid 50% matching the highways with their connecting cities while the rest of us shrugged; Jon dominated the music round; Erin knows news (round 1) We don’t know what we don’t know….. AND he said there would be NO Michael Jackson questions, didn’t he? SMOLT, disguised as La Cage Aux Furlough, kicked everyone’s booty, but we’re content with a solid 3rd. For now, anyway….
. 7/14/2009 4th – Zilch The Core Four + Hamidah & Nora Perfect score on the matching (match the TV character with his/her profession); Traci – Hall of the Mountain King; Erin – Just about every other answer Getting shushed by another team. And the Curtis Mayfield incident. Voldemort may be smart, but I suspect they use their powers for evil, not good….
. 6/30/2009 2nd – Pub Fare Coupons The Core Four + special guest Chongs, Jen & Brandon What a comeback, eh?? Jon: Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes; Darin: Russel Baze; Jen: Dirty Vegas; Brandon: Brooklyn; Erin: nasty, brutish & short; Traci: The Graduate The first 5 rounds (particularly being tied for last place after the first 3!) Greatest. Comeback. Ever. From last place to 2nd in the course of one quiz nite? Inconceivable! We kicked butt on the music and final rounds. Wooot!
. 6/23/2009 2nd (but really 1st) – Pub Fare Coupons The Core Four + Hamidah, Nora, Jen & Al Traci: Jethro Tull. That’s all that really matters, right? New Jersey! A moment of getting our victory hopes up then realizing we had to dock ourselves 2 points, putting us a half-point behind Johnny Ringo. Grrrr. At least we’re honest.
. 6/9/2009 2nd – Discounted Pub Foods The Core Four + Jen & Al Erin: KT Tunstall; Darin: #43; Jen: Roadrunner; Jon & Al: Gloin!; Traci: Shadow of a Doubt We felt we got reamed on the paper question! And how did Traci not know orthography?! The Core Four is back in action!
. 6/2/2009 2nd Place – Pub Food Coupons Darin, Erin, Jon, Hamidah Our miraculous comeback! Obviously we’re far too healthy for TV-ad pharmaceuticals! Anticipating Traci’s return to the Core Four next round!
. 5/20/2009 Can’t count that low Darin, Erin, Jon, Nora, Jen & Al Beer! How much time have you got? We will drink until we forget this night ever happened.
. 4/14/2009 2nd – Discounted Pub Foods The Core Four + Nora Darin’s unexpected reunion with cousin Randy! OK, OK… it’s NOT James Spader. Geez! Affirmation that Gang Green has indeed generated buzz amongst fellow quizsters when the new quizmaster said, “Oh, YOU’RE Gang Green!”
. 4/7/2009 2nd – Discounted Pub Foods The Core Four Jon: 1954 (First Atomic Sub) / Darin: M = Slope I *said* Alison Krauss! In a pub quiz first, we actually led Johnny Ringo in the first 2 rounds. Of course, by the end of the night, we got spanked by them, but still…
. 3/24/2009 3rd – Return of Entry Fee The Core Four Darin: Antawn Jamison / Erin: Andrew Johnson / Jon: Mr. Badger / Traci: Capital City Wait, what does TARP stand for? Our first quiz night with “the other quizmaster” – many teams, much raucousness, some contention. SMOLT! (aka Mudpuppies) emerged victorious (and rich) — leaving JR in the dust only 3 points above Gang Green. Well done!
. 3/11/2009 Oh, the humanity! The Core Four + Nora, Jen & Al Booze The quiz Completely unawares that it was the annual St. Paddy’s Day quiztravaganza, we totally stunk up the joint. Boo!
. 2/24/2009 3rd – Return of Entry Fee The Core Four + Hamidah, Michael & Nora Nora: Eagle Eye Cherry / Traci: En Papier Forsaking Helen Hunt in favor of Patty Duke. Traci will never live it down! Darin’s answer-writing privileges were taken away; Traci made an egregious judgment error. Thjs will live in infamy as: “The night of the shushing.”
. 2/11/2009 2nd – Free Pints! (Which were later rendered null and void due to some silly legal nonsense!) The Core Four + Hamidah & Michael Michael gave us Nickelback. And we got some other stuff right. If I can’t remember, than it musn’t have been too traumatic We came. We drank. We knew stuff.
. 1/27/2009 2nd – Free Pints! The Core Four Apparently, we’re smarter than we thought! Celine Dion. Really? Despite displacement from our preferred Crow’s Nest accommodations, we still managed to place!
. 1/13/2009 3rd – Return of Entry Fee The Core Four Jon: Coffee / Traci: Olympic Rings We were just so happy to be there…. For our first time out of the gate, we were extremely impressed with ourselves. Traci reconnected with some SSU library colleagues performing as SMOLT! A friendly rivalry was established.

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